#CS4All: Updates on Our CS Education Projects

Image from: https://thenextweb.com/contributors/2017/05/29/the-virtual-high-school/

Computer Science Education is at the heart of every project LAIA sponsors!  We focus on opportunities to educate people from PreK-16 (undergraduate-level).  We share updates from many efforts below (organized by age group):


  • Mission to Mars – this effort is in collaboration with Coppin State University’s James Edgar McDonald Child Development Center.  It involves various aspects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  However, since the center is now closed, this project is currently on hold.

Elementary School (1st-5th grade)

  • [PILOT] Summer Coding Camp (2018) – We hosted up to 7 elementary students for a one-week ‘pilot’ coding camp.  None of the campers had previous experience coding.  Realizing they may not be interested in (or used to) sitting in front of a computer all day/each day, we integrated several additional activities into the week.  These included: basketball, drones, geography, a tour of campus, art, history (re: Coppin State University), mathemathics, and host of others.  Students used Scratch, rubix cubes, magnifying glasses, and several additional hands-on experiences to introduce computational thinking and computer programming.  The campers really enjoyed their time.  They all can’t wait to return next summer!        

Middle School (6th-8th grade)

High School (9th-12th grade)

College (Undergraduate)

  • Design Recipe – customized steps designed to help (beginning programmers) students think through a problem, translate their ideas into a computer program.
  • #eveningCode & CodeLab – These along with other out-of-class experiences, offer CS students additional time to practice and strengthen their coding skills.  #evening Code occurs every Tuesday evenings and CodeLab, every Wednesday evening.
  • CoppinCS.com -With a focus on establishing ‘community,’  this website provides encouragement, opportunities, and status about various students projects.  It also provides Web Programming (COSC 314) students with a platform to develop their web projects for class.
  • CoppinCS.Slack – This is an unofficial experiment that we have been running for the past year.  With a focus on establishing ‘community,’ the CoppinCS Slack workspace helps students communicate about class, projects, books, get and give help, and whatever else they may need.  Here are details of Slack usage as of November 1, 2018: