LAIA Projects and Project Areas include:

CURRENT Projects:


  • LAIA Intelligent Website Chatbot

    • Involves: Artificial Intelligence, software design & development, research


  • LAIA Keep Clean

    • Involves: Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, mobile app and web development, research


  • LAIA Intelligent Tutors

    • Involves: Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, learning science, mobile app and web development, research


  • LAIA Cloud (powered by 200-server donation from Yahoo!)

    • Involves: hardware, centos operating system, open-source software, network design, network administration, TCPIP


  • LAIA Rooftop Garden Robotics

    • Involves: Design, research, gardening, engineering, physics, drones, software development, high school computer science outreach


General Project Areas

  • Intelligent Systems

    • Involves: Artificial intelligence, electronics, physics, software design and development, design and innovation, engineering, robotics, research
  • Robotics/Internet of Things

    • Involves: Artificial intelligence, Lego Mindstorm, electronics, engineering, physics, mathematics, programming, design and innovation, PreK-12 computer science and engineering outreach
  • Game Design & Development

    • Involves: Artificial intelligence, gaming, software design and development, graphics, mathematics, design and innovation
  • Undergraduate Research Experiences

    • Involves: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science/data analytics, research
    • Partner: Identity & Success Research Lab @ Howard University (Dr. Cynthia Winston-Proctor)
  • PreK-16 Computer Science Education

    • Computer Science and Computer Engineering Education are essential to learners of all ages in today’s society.  LAIA focuses on efforts in PreK-16.  Some recent projects include:

      • Girls in CS Summit – A collaboration with Code in the Schools
      • The on-going resource use and impact of the #coppincs movement: cultivating a culture of coding.  This includes:
      • {CSU <Hacks!/>} & #evening-code – various opportunities for Coppin students to practice coding outside of the classroom projects
      • 2018 Summer Coding Camp for Elementary School Students near Coppin
  • Culturally Relevance & Ethics

    • Involves: Artificial Intelligence, research, culturally relevant pedagogy, software design and development, human computer interaction, web design and programming, database design, K-12 design partners