Coppin Hacks! (24-hour hackathon series)

Coppin Hacks!

Have you signed up for Coppin State University’s first ever 24-hour Hackathon series for Computer Science, Math, and Management Information Systems majors yet?

PLEASE FILL-OUT and SUBMIT THIS INTEREST FORM by December 31st, if you are interested in participating!

The Lab for Artificial Intelligence and its Applications (LAIA) hosts Coppin State University’s first ever 24-hour Hackathon series!!! This hackathon series will be held monthly (the last Friday of every month) and will last for 24 hours. The first 24-hour hackathon will be from Friday, January 27, 2017 @ 4pm until Saturday, January 28, 2017 @ 4pm.

***WE provide the space, the food, general snacks, and the caffeine!
***YOU provide a laptop, notebook (or whatever you need to document what you need to remember), brain power, your own desired snacks, and a willingness to stay up for 24 hours!

Don’t worry, the first hackathon is designed to help you improve your java programming skills. There will be lessons, challenges, and prizes throughout the evening – all designed to help you improve.

After 24 hours of Java, we guarantee your programming skills will improve, regardless of your current. All levels of experience welcome!

Organized by LAIA Student Research Scientists: Charlyne & Olu.

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