Using technology (a web and mobile app), our project enables local residents and pedestrians to help keep Baltimore City clean. BmoreClean specifically helps track and raise awareness of litter. Litter is trash that does not make it into public trash cans. Baltimore city refers to these public trash cans as 'Pedestrian Litter Receptacles' (PLRs). BmoreClean is our campaign to help rid the city of its litter.

Take a look at a few of our features below

Proposed Features

311 Intergration

311 is a non-emergency call center for complaints

Allows the user to submit complaints through the app

Block Captains

Have neighborhood associations.

This person is an key component to keeping the block actively involved in keeping the area clean and prevention efforts of litter


Rewards the user through a point system.

Awareness/ Educational Campaign

Educate the users of the litter around the area

Analyze the Data

Propose a route for pickup (emptying the PLRs).

Create an optimal route (best route)

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