I am LAIA’s Raspberry Pi Subject Matter Expert!


This past summer while attending the Maker Faire in our Nation’s capital I was blown away by one of the contestants at the fair that used facial recognition software to determine individual’s emotions. I was amazed at how accurate the flat screen display was as far as recognizing participants who passed by. That was the first time I heard about and witnessed one of the many implications of Raspberry Pi. Through further research and hands on implementation, I plan to become a subject matter expert of Raspberry Pi to help others in our lab (LAIA) become better informed on the topic.rapsberrypi

Raspberry Pi is a miniature size pc about the size of card that can be purchased at a low cost. The device was created as a learning tool for people of all ages to better understand and explore computing.

Multiple models have been released dating to 2012 with the first generation  1 following up this year with the Raspberry Pi 3. One of the practical uses of the device is to create a personal computer with just a monitor and keyboard. Some other uses are magic mirrors, handheld video games, and designing drones. For more information and projects utilizing Raspberry Pi try:


By: Jerry Mahammitt

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LAIA presents Rooftop Garden Robotics project at Frederick Douglass High School

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LAIA shared the Rooftop Garden Robotics projects with the JUICE Club/Vex Robotics Team at Frederick Douglass High School (FDHS) in Baltimore, MD.  This launched the partnership between LAIA and the JUICE Club at FDHS.  FDHS has an agriculture program and a garden maintained by students. Our next step is to determine common goals and brainstorm our first joint step towards research and development.  A huge thanks to Dr. Lynn Paterson for hosting us.  We can’t wait to meet again.

LAIA presents at CSU’s 4th Annual Science Symposium

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LAIA Research Scientists did an amazing job presenting our progress so far on the Rooftop Garden Robotics project, even though our slidedeck got altered changing formats from Google Slideshow to Microsoft Powerpoint. 😉  We will fix this for our next presentation at Frederick Douglass High School in the next few weeks.