I am LAIA’s Raspberry Pi Subject Matter Expert!


This past summer while attending the Maker Faire in our Nation’s capital I was blown away by one of the contestants at the fair that used facial recognition software to determine individual’s emotions. I was amazed at how accurate the flat screen display was as far as recognizing participants who passed by. That was the first time I heard about and witnessed one of the many implications of Raspberry Pi. Through further research and hands on implementation, I plan to become a subject matter expert of Raspberry Pi to help others in our lab (LAIA) become better informed on the topic.rapsberrypi

Raspberry Pi is a miniature size pc about the size of card that can be purchased at a low cost. The device was created as a learning tool for people of all ages to better understand and explore computing.

Multiple models have been released dating to 2012 with the first generation  1 following up this year with the Raspberry Pi 3. One of the practical uses of the device is to create a personal computer with just a monitor and keyboard. Some other uses are magic mirrors, handheld video games, and designing drones. For more information and projects utilizing Raspberry Pi try:


By: Jerry Mahammitt

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LAIA presents Rooftop Garden Robotics project at Frederick Douglass High School

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LAIA shared the Rooftop Garden Robotics projects with the JUICE Club/Vex Robotics Team at Frederick Douglass High School (FDHS) in Baltimore, MD.  This launched the partnership between LAIA and the JUICE Club at FDHS.  FDHS has an agriculture program and a garden maintained by students. Our next step is to determine common goals and brainstorm our first joint step towards research and development.  A huge thanks to Dr. Lynn Paterson for hosting us.  We can’t wait to meet again.