(#rp) 13 Edtech Tools Every Teacher and Student Should Know About

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Here’s a sneak peak of the lineup:

#1 Interactive Whiteboard

#2 Smart Typewriter

Teaching and Learning Apps

#3 AutoDraw

#4 Book Creator

#5 Creaza

#6 Edmodo

#7 FlipGrid

#8 Formativ

#9 Illuminations

#10 Newseumed

#11 ProWritingAid

#12 Quizalize

#13 Write About

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Stanford Intelligent Systems Lab - Pulling Drone

Has Stanford’s Intelligent Systems Lab Solved Our Rooftop Garden Robotics Project’s Problem

Many of you may remember that the original design of our Rooftop Garden Robotics project included a drone to be used to carry the garden’s harvest from the roof to the ground.  You may also remember the day we attempted to test this from the Penthouse of STC using a Phantom 4, a plastic hanger, and a small payload (a few small rocks in a plastic container).  The initial attempt forced us to remove the small payload because it was to heavy – leaving only the plastic hanger.

Well, let me just tell you – Lawrence spent a great deal of the afternoon chasing the drone in the yard space between STC and HHSB (two buildings on campus across from one another).  He may even have chased it into the parking lot.  It was a mess.

We realized then that drones couldn’t carry much weight.  Since drone design wasn’t a focus of this project, we switched the drone portion of the project for a pulley system! (Don’t laugh! :))

Well, it seems Stanford’s Intelligent Systems Lab may have helped design/create a drone that will pull weight 40 time their weight. Hmmm… Interesting…  What do you think?

Paradyme Management Server Donation – Thanks Orville!

On October 17, Dr. Hatley walked into her office with this server (pictured below) waiting for her with a note saying “From Orville!”

She immediately remembered Orville, a Spring 2018 CS Graduate who now works at Paradyme Management, asking if she and her students could use another server.  He was asked to give donate them and he immediately thought of Dr. Hatley and the CS majors at Coppin State.

There are several projects that could use a machine like this!  

It marks the 2nd equipment donation given to Dr. Hatley and her students.  The first was in 2017, when Yahoo! donated 200 servers.  Unfortunately, it came shortly after the Yahoo! data breach so the servers came without hard drives.  Students in the Lab for Artificial Intelligence and its Applications (LAIA) reconfigured the servers to make them as powerful as possible (combining memory, CPUs, etc.).  Dr. Hatley, extremely grateful for the Yahoo!’s server donation that launched the CoppinCS Server Farm, she has yet to find 400 drives (enough to at least provide some level of RAID backup for each server).  Students worked on a workaround however, and have had installation parties where they turned some of the servers into virtual machines.

Although, the mission to get more hard drives is still an active one, this is server from Paradyme Management came with a hard drive and is ready to rock and roll.

Dr. Hatley and her students will use it to explore various ideas in AI and machine learning before adding it to the CoppinCS Server Farm initiated by the Yahoo! donation.

This server will serve as a special gatekeeper for tests and will site in Dr. Hatley’s office (for now).

Please stay tuned for more on how this baby is used to help with research and other student projects!

A huge thanks to Orville for thinking of us and preparing this server for delivery and to Paradyme Management for making this sweet donation.  The server is nice and light and has a nice feel to it.

We can’t wait to get started!

If you think we should install a particular flavor of linux on it over any other, please add your suggestion(s) in the comments section below.

PS – If you or your company would like to donate computing and/or electronics equipment, please contact us immediately.  Thanks in advance!

Paradyme Management Server Donation - 1

Paradyme Management Server Donation – 1

Paradyme Management Server Donation - 2

Paradyme Management Server Donation – 2

Paradyme Management Server Donation - 3

Paradyme Management Server Donation – 3