The Lab for Artificial Intelligence and its Applications @ Uplift, Inc.

LAIA celebrates 4 years!


LAIA celebrates its 4th Anniversary with some amazing accomplishments and a few awesome projects in progress:


Dr. Hatley with students

  1. Dr. Hatley, LAIA’s PI, is approved for promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure.
  2. LAIA wins funding from NSF HBCU-UP, in collaboration with Howard University, Winston-Salem State University, and Morehouse College


Although now working remotely (staying home and safe due to the widespread pandemic caused by #covid-19), students are making great progress on the following projects:

  1. BmoreClean
  2. Culturally Relevant Elementary School Math Education Learning Technology Project (video games & intelligent tutors)
  3. Chatbot based on Artificial Intelligent

Prince G. assembled the GoPiGo and is ready to apply Google Cloud

Prince Makes Progress with his GoPiGo Robot!

Prince has been working diligently since Spring Break on the GoPiGo Robot project.  He has progressed the farthest out of all the students that have attempted this project.  Before starting to build the robot, he learned a bit about linux.  Now that the robot is build, he is ready to explore the Google Cloud Vision API.  The next step is to add the GoPiGo camera so he can program it to achieve it’s goal – which is to detect a face and the emotion the face is making.

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