My journey with BMoreClean: Mercedes Williams

Mercedes WilliamsMy name is Mercedes Williams and I am a Junior at Coppin State University. I joined the BmoreClean project, previously known as Keep Clean, in 2017 with students who are now alumni. The experience was amazing because we got to present BMoreClean to members and other stakeholders of the Baltimore City Government. Nonso, an alumni member, and I were able to discuss why BMoreClean was created and how it could benefit Baltimore.

I have been working on BMoreClean as the front-end developer. I was responsible for how the web page should be viewed by web users. I had to decide what colors to use. There was a lot of changes of the color using CSS or I would change the color of the font within HTML. There are many things I got to learn throughout this project such as using scrim and learning to use PHP to create a contact form. There were many trial and errors using PHP I even tried to go through the route of PHP mailer, which was more challenging than I though. I changed the background at least three times so that there could be some understanding the purpose of BMoreClean.

Using scrim was not as difficult as it may have seemed, I will admit I did have a small issue with adjusting the size so that all of the content could fit within it, however once I figured it out, scrim enhanced the visual aspects of the page. Scrim was used to overlay text on the home page as well as the about page. I was also tasked with embedding the videos on the page, I had no difficulties with that at all. Working on the team page to separate the alumni and the current team members was a bit fun to learn and explore, and when I got them to separate easily it gave me a feeling of accomplishments. I  worked on creating the tabs, adding the color, the background and the content of the pages and giving the end user the chance to visually see what BMoreClean is about. I also figured out why the navigation bar was transparent until the user scrolled down, of course to figure out some of my problems I would ‘inspect’ the web page to find errors and then correct them. The project has been exciting to do from when I very first started until now.

We will conduct a campus-wide testing of the app and the website when we return in the Fall 2020 semester.

The first error I ran into was using PHP

The PHP code Error.

Environment: I used Brackets, but used Google Chrome web browser to preview the work I had done.

Steps to Reproduce: I watched multiple videos to get an understanding of using PHP to create a contact form.

Expected Result: There would be a display depending on if the message was sent successfully or unsuccessfully. It should not reload without displaying either of those messages.

Actual Result: The contact form works successfully and inquires do go to the designated email for support. Displays The proper messages when needed to. Submit button works excellently and the sent message displays.

Severity/Priority: Having a contact form that works successfully is crucial to have for end users to use for questions, concerns, or a reason to reach out to communicate with members of BMoreClean.

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