Raspberry Pi: Information Display Blog: #9 The Final Grade

‘t I am not pleased with my final grade at all. I feel as though I earned/should be given a C for multiple reason. From the beginning of the class I know I didn’t work as well as other colleagues in their opinion but when it came to group assignments I did part ranging from the backlog to lego mind storms, I always pulled my weight, Dr. Hatley said she did the grading rubric from how the team leader said I done, but I have files showing I did my work. I have only missed about three class sessions from the beginning of the semester, so yes I took the class seriously. Dr. Hatley granted us the opportunity to do a project but it just wasn’t enough time, in total it was 3.5 weeks roughly, the first half was dealing with a broken mother board, then when we was given another mother board it was still issues that we were trying to resolve but once again it wasn’t enough time. Focusing on finals, graduation and working. I am honestly not trying to make excuses at all. I will take full responsibility for not blogging in a timely manner. But for us to receive a project and wasn’t able to finish it because the semester ended just don’t think we should be penalized. Granted the actual project wasn’t fully completed but I learned a lot that will help me in the near future. I learned time management, how to work a Raspberry Pi properly, how to upload an Operating System and how much space is needed to do so. I learned how to implement source codes, who to use excel to create a bill of materials, soldering and so much more.




(Also the assignment was suppose to be bring me from a F to a C so completion of the project would raise the grade 2 letter grades, but lego mind storms raised the grade to a D so the amount of work and trail and error, and all the things I we learned through the assignment should make the final grade a C, I could be wrong though)

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