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  • Throughout the semester they were multiple backlogs created by group leaders with my name with a specific task due. The backlog I created was for the gallery page on the website where Keena, Gabriel and I were assigned a different task.


  • I was assigned chapters 5 Graph Resource Names and 6 Launch Files from the online ROS documents provided by Dr. Hatley. Each member was given a specific deadline to have things done by and we would add our sections into the final power point

Technical Report

  • I was given the task of the group leader for this report, everyone was given a certain task and a deadline to turn it in so I could piece everything together for the final article. It was multiple discrepancies about how much effort I had put into the report but I was on there from when I said everyone was supposed to have everything turned in which was about 12-1pm and I stayed working on it with Dr. Hatley until about 5, then logged back on around 7 to make sure everything was done so it can be sent to Anil.


  • The group consisted of Javon, Rufus, and I. I was given the task of creating a pseudocode for the different types of controllers. I chose to do Pick Up Controller which I turned in on March 19th at 11:37pm.

Lego Mindstorms

  • I was in the group with Anil and Gabriel, we worked collectively has a unit. Anil was programming savvy and I enjoy working with my hands so I gave ideas mainly such as pieces to use for the claws, and to use wheels instead of what was previously on the robot. They stayed after class multiple times impromptu without informing me so yes I was left out to an extent but I still pulled my weight when it was in class.

Below I have text messages, work files, photos of work I have done throughout the semester in no specific order

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