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What is LAIA?

LAIA is a physical space (a research lab) and a community of practice in the Department of Math and Computer Science, led by Dr. Leshell Hatley, at Coppin State University.
Within it, student research scientists collaborate to enhance their skills by learning, using, and creating technologies (software and hardware) to improve the community around us.
These technologies focus on applications of Artificial Intelligence and related computing technologies (big data analysis, automation, efficiency, etc.).

Our Purpose

*To enhance students’ skills in collaboration, communication (all forms), research, design, and development;
*To expose students to a rigorous research agenda focused on the theory and practical uses of Artificial Intelligence;
*To foster and promote development and innovation related to the application of Artificial Intelligence theory to learning technology, games, and robotics; and
*To provide Computer Science education (CSEd) mentorship and experiences to K-12 students in Baltimore, especially regarding programming, game design, and robotics.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

28 AI Terms You Should Know!

LAIA Accolades & Accomplishments!

November 2017: Dr. Hatley is awarded $15K from The Kapor Center.
November 2017: LAIA-sponsored, CSU Hacks students begin web-based software project: codename = oscar.
November 2017: Coppin CS students apply for Google Internship for the very first time.
October 2017:LAIA partners with Career Services to offer Resume Writing Workshop.
August 2017: Dr. Hatley continues work on campus as Google Faculty-in-Residence.
April 2017: Microsoft invites Dr. Hatley to attend the Faculty Summit on Artificial Intelligence
March 2017: Dr. Hatley gets accepted to in Google's Inaugural Summer 6-week Faculty-in-Residence Program
March 2017: LAIA Research Scientists (students) complete deployment of Rack One of donated Yahoo! servers
January 2017: Dr. Hatley speaks at Frostburg State University on Gamification
November 2016: Yahoo! donates 200 servers to LAIA and the Math and Computer Science Department.
September 2016: Dr. Hatley speaks at University of Maryland: College Park on Gamification
June 2016: LAIA wins 1st place the White House HBCU Maker & Innovation Challenge! February 2016: Dr. Hatley joins Higher Education Video Game Alliance (HEVGA)

Our Current Project: Rooftop Garden Robotics